daejeon bringin’ tha gangsta love.

daejeon is the 5th largest city in seoul. it is centrally located in south korea and it took me 1.5hrs by train (yay train!) from suwon. its a city tucked in a valley, surrounded by mountains. and you know who i found up at the top of those mountains… older folks. AND there’s an array of exercise equipment for their disposal. its quite amazing actually. for ex., these ghetto hula hoops. and yes i did try them. fail. as always when i use hula hoops.

the 2nd best part of my day in daejeon was the uma historical village w traditional korean houses, hanuk. plus the cherry blossoms are in bloom so it adds to a nice spring touch. if any of you are wondering… cherry blossoms do not bear fruit, that is a different species of tree. [yes i looked it up w my friend yesterday. you’re welcome.] it was splendid soaking up the sun.

as for the absolute best part of my day, t’was meeting this young man in front of this scholarly house. he recognized i was not from korea so he goes, “hi! where are you from? CALIFORNIA? Los Angeles?! i looove tupac. i love snoop dogg. i love gangsta love!” yes indeed young korean boy, of course you love gangsta love. of course.


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