see food diet.


apgujeong. seafood. this is what i’m greeted w at the front of the restaurant. OBVIOUSLY… this place would be one hell of an eatery and t’was. definitely t’was. sorry seoulleungtang but i must give this meal the best meal in korea award (as of now). wooden floors, tight spaces, small tables, grill, seafood on the shell: clam, scallop, snails, squid. mMm. dzaaam good. dzaam good.

i went w a great group of ppl. mike haight was my only connection in korea/chungdahm before i came. its funny but awesome how we’re becoming more like friends instead of acquaintances like how it was back in UCR. he intro-ed me to his friend-coworkers, two of them in particular reminded me of the korean versions of ate liesl and kuya jay. there was much soju and makgeolli to be had this night… a lil bit too much. 건배!!

and com’on. look at the picture below. he puts the riddick in ridiculously tasty. i honestly did not know what this was about but i enjoyed it nonetheless.



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