JC’in it up.

happy jesus christ resurrection day ( ^ – ^ ) like a good ol’ E&C christian i went to church w jin. on the way there we picked up bbop ggi (as you can see above) basically it is just a caramelized sugar disc of sorts that so happened to have an imprint of the cross (so fitting for easter). its pretty much diabetes. can i get an amen!

i enjoyed going to jin’s church: onnuri english ministry. pastor eddie byun did a beautiful sermon on forgiveness. he used the perfect analogy to explain the negative effects of not forgiving someone: bitterness is like drinking poison, hoping the other person will die. holding resentment for someone only hinders our wellbeing. forgiving someone is not forgetting what they’ve done, but forgiving allows oneself to open up to love, and in turn self-healing, again. i enjoy churches or religious organizations like these… not so much religious lectures/ritualized processes but discussions about real matters of self-improvement and well-being. it opens us to enlightenment.


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