bau house.

so this would never fly back in the states… but… i went to a puppy cafe! it’s exactly as it sounds, a cafe where you can order some coffee/juice with dogs there to entertain/play with you!! aahhh! oh my… we stayed there for 1.5 hours.

the malamut below was extraordinary, wise beyond his years, he just sat and observed the others playing. He posted right by us from the get go and he became my favorite instantaneously. i called him bear. his fur was sooo thick that when i was petting him, i wasn’t sure what was his fur or his actual body. the picture below bear is mountain dog. he just popped up on the ledge by our table and as he drooled as he shadowed over me and it landed right by my left eye. thank goodness i was wearing glasses. i shall be back puppy cafe. i shall be back.


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