jurak wedding.

jurak is the local bar that daniel/ravi frequent and i’ve joined them a few times. however, of the bars in suwon, i like this one the best bc the owners (brothers huni & leo) are super friendly so it feels comfortable. so nice in fact, leo invited me to his wedding and i just met him one time prior. i was super excited bc i thought it would be a traditional korean wedding, but alas, westernization rears its overly imposed head and turned out to be a regular western wedding. beautiful nonetheless.

[as you can see, it was super lax.. hah]

the interesting thing about the ceremony was how lax it was! the audience was shuffling in their seats, talking on their cells, talking to each other… basically leaving the bride and groom to do their thang as everyone else just did their own. korean weddings are very peculiar in that they are hosted in these large scale wedding halls/banquets (which are every which where mind you) and they just pump out wedding after wedding, much like a wedding factory of sorts. in fact, while leo’s wedding was going on, there was another bride and her party preparing for their turn.


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