confession: it’s hard for me to keep up w things bc i lose interest easily or i get distracted and do something else. hah. i need to work on that forsure! this is why i’ve been MIA on the blog-o-sphere for quite sometime.

20JUNE marked my 4th month anniversary. and the past couple of weeks have been rather interesting so i’ll break it down in a nutshell.

1st visitor: wayne yiu-fai

it was a blur of eating bbq aand.. well… yeah.. eating bbq. hah. from seoraksan hiking (without shoes. ahem.) to gettin’ reeal comfortable w strangers (hah) to hello kitty cafe to bukchon village at LN cafe to digital portraiture /bestofseoul /hyperrealism at SeMA to noryangjin fish market wriggling octopus to hwaseong archery w a dash of negative boys to shan-tee-claaaair to falling on the street to KUNG FU PANDA 2 to sticker picturing to potato chip towers to best indian food khajuraho to hongdae naked dancing to samgyeopsal at 6 in the morn to ponnin’ da floorin w diplo at ellui from finding white confetti everywhere to seolleongtang to rosanna’s noraebang to late night eats to “this is BS, i’ll always have water” bootleggin everland w a liger to seolleontang again (mM) to JW and fancy dates at the grill/miso to american breakfast and an actual club sandwich to snackattacks and coffee/bagels/cabbagepatches and eating meaty meat meats 24/7.

thanks for the goodtimes! ( ^ – ^ )

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i was expecting 2nd visitor: famry!

but unfortunately, the circumstances could not allow them to visit so i’ll be expecting them. oh i will b expecting them indeed.

wow. i’m already a month into my 2nd term. its a lot easier now. more of a flow. plus the kids i have this time around are a lot more manageable, very smart. but definitely more rowdy overall.

i’ve been spending time w the ladies of course, w talks of thailand end of september. i. must. save. up. for. that. (i’m a horrible saver… thanks muuuhther! i am your daughter!) and how can i save up if i’m planning to buy fabulous glasses? hah. wooow. can’t. help. it…


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  1. alliegrL

    i’m so glad i rediscovered your blog today….it’s so beautiful seeing you living yo life in Korea. and with jade maiden #1 [waneld]! you look gorgeous, and happy. so im happpy grL. 😀

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