Palawane & R-BO

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2nd time around we were more prepared for vacation. PALAWAN! considered one of the last frontiers of the PI, not yet commercialized but probably going towards that direction. wanted to show wayne the newly appointed 7 wonders of nature, Palawan’s Underground River; plus the astounding Bacuit Archipelago in El Nido.

pretty much as soon as wayne got off the plane from LA, we hopped on cebupac to puerto princesa the next day. stayed at the deep forest garden inn. very quirky and spacious. sisig is a favorite so we stopped at the crocodile farm for crocodile sisig. the underground river was just as fascinating as the 1st time i went. never witnessed anything quite like it, super special. kalui the filipino restaurant was to die for, but that will b saved for another post 😀

from puerto we went to el nido, via mini van. goodness gracious. cramped bumpy ride equipped w frat boy chattery in the van. not cute. but the drive was well worth the end up at el nido. besides the views from the van were stunning. tropics and rice fields. true pilipinas.

el nido. quaint town. very underdeveloped. but houses the entrance to the bacuit archipelago. stunning. absolutely stunning. the limestone formations were so surreal, i felt like i was in some sort of tropical marioland. hahah. as odd as that may sound. it just felt too perfectly unworldly. unfortunately the weather was a bit grey, w sporadic rains coming in and out daily. we met a few foreigners living in shanghai who stayed at the el nido beach hotel as well. super nice and fuunny! cristan, peter, salvador, gee (tiger tits? what is this tiger tits? i like it) we went hiking w them to a waterfall, trekkin in sandals w slippery terrain. we went island hopping for the last 2 days of our 5 day stay through el nido art cafe. did the kayaking tour and it was kinda cray going through the open sea, got my arm work out on. miguel our boat captain went out to recover our lost camera in the waves and he quite literally gave me the shirt off his back (talk about quality service!). and… the rock formations, again i cannot reiterate it enough, were staggering and the lagoons we visited were emerald green paradise(s). the kind of water that you would swear was genetically enhanced somehow, if that were even possible. that or thousands of kilos of blue/green jello mix were added. oh the splendors of the universe!

true the weather was sub-par but everything turned out fantastic. saw some really amazing sights, probably the best each of us will ever see in our lifetimes. the floating islands of bacuit were breathtaking. i highly suggest going to palawan.


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  1. Allie

    grL sounds incredible. Awesome photos, and do I see some new tats?? 🙂

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