sapin-sapin. carioca. palitao.

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filipino desserts partII. much more sticky rice. learning so much about filipino desserts. so many out there that i havent even tried! but all basically made w galapong (glutinous rice dough). sarap!

sapin-sapin: layers in tagalog. coconut glutinous rice in 3 traditional layers, langka (jackfruit), original, and ube (purple yam). i really enjoyed our sapin-sapin bc it is so much more flavorful than the bland packaged kind from the store.

carioca: deep fried sweet rice dough ball dipped in coconut syrup. the latik (caramelized coconut creamy syrup) makes it super sweet and crunchy and sticky and delicious. yum!

palitao: glutinous rice cakes coated in grated coconut, sesame seeds, and brown sugar. very subtle flavors.


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